• Owned/Operated Geek Computer Servicez LLC for 13 years and working 105 – 150 hours a week.
  • Recovered 15 antiquated desktops that were donated to a church and re-purposed 9 antiquated desktops for a nonprofit ESL (English as a Second Language) class with identical English learning programs. The non working computer parts were recycled.
  • Time and Labor: Free.
  • Recovered Mac OS 8 (1997) data, such as, Clarisworks and AppleWorks documents, spreadsheets and presentations, Family Tree Maker, etc., and converted the data to a 2018 iPad (21 years later) with Microsoft Office 365 application.
  • Setup, Configured and Installed an existing Windows XP program (16 bit) to install into Windows 7 32 bit.
  • Evaluated and upgraded a major hotel network that hotel guests and office staff that were getting internet speeds of 2 Mbps (Download) and 1.5 Mbps (Upload) to 80 Mbps for the hotel.