2019 Monthly Bills

I created and used this “2019 Monthly Bills” excel sheet for more than 20 years to help organize my monthly bills to know exactly when a bill is due, how much, if it has been paid, etc. and this has helped me to build my credit score by paying my bills before the due date or on time.

The “2019 Monthly Bills” excel sheet is only meant to be used as a guide.  It does not have all the bells and whistles of some well known computer programs.  It does not sync with your bank accounts, credit card transactions, automatic bill syncing, etc.  Everything has to be manually inputted, changed, and/or removed, such as, changing the type of “Bill”, “Due Date”, “Amount Due”, adding/removing rows, etc.  Some parts of the excel sheet does have formulas to “Total” everything that you inputted.

Using the “Monthly Bill” excel cheat sheet will help you to learn more about using excel, your bills, and where most of your money goes.

This is a free download. 

No hidden attachments. 

No advertisements.  No bloatware.  No Viruses/Malware.

Cost:  Free

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