Computer Overheating

Computer Overheating
Have you experienced a laptop or desktop:
1.  Getting really hot to the touch.
2.  Feel hot air going out through the sides, under, and/or around it?
3.  Does the fan sound like a jet engine?
4.  Does the fan keep running and trying to cool down?
5.  Your computer reboots unexpectedly?
6.  Thinking about getting a new computer because of various issues?
The above symptoms are signs that your computer (laptop or desktop) is overheating and needs a professional computer technician to do a deep cleaning of  your computer because over the years it has been collecting dust, pollen, hair, fur, cigarette smoke, and everything else that travels in the air.  The fans purpose is to cool down the computer and it cannot filter out stuff from the air just like a human can filter out the air using your hands as a filter to block out a dust in the face, a bad smell, or anything else.  When the fans and heat sink (also used to help cool down the computer) are clogged and can’t be cooled down.  The computer starts to heat up and when it gets hot enough the computer shuts down as a safety precaution, but the worst case scenario is when the computer gets hot enough that it fry’s itself or can cause a fire.
** Attempt at your OWN RISK of damaging the computer **
You can use an air can, can of air, and air compressor to blow the dust in and around the computer, but there may be a concentration of dust inside the computer that is hard to get to.
The vacuum has carries an electrical charge that can cause an electrical short to the computer.
** Attempt at your OWN RISK of damaging the computer **
Thinking about saving some money?  Feel like a risk taker?
Taking a apart a laptop is not for the faint of heart, short tempered, know it all, etc.
Computers have a multitude of screws from 0.8mm-7.94mm (0.0314 in – 0.3125 in) from 30 – 100 screws.
** Pros vs Cons **
** Of Repairing a computer vs Purchasing a new computer **
Repairing a computer:
Repairing a computer is a lot less expensive then buying a new computer.
Your data, personal information, printers, settings, etc. will not have to put back.
Needing a virus removed is a lot less cost effective.
Ability to get a quote about cost of labor and parts before work is done.
If you like to keep an older operating system (Windows 7 than Windows 10)
Sinking too much money in a repair is not worth it.
Cost of labor and parts could cost more than a new laptop.
Purchasing a new computer:
If the cost of labor and parts to fix a old computer would cost more than a new computer.
New laptop with Windows 10
Buying a new laptop with an additional cost of recovering  and reinstalling your data and programs
Learning a new operating system of Windows 10 compared to Windows 7
The attached pictures are examples of a heatsink (before) clogged with dust, hair, pollen, fur, etc. and the cleaned heatsink (after).
Heatsink Before
Heatsink Before Close Up

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